West Wittering – English Seaside at its best

Nothing says English seaside life more than the sight of an entire family attempting to erect a flapping windbreaker with one mallet. It really does warm your cockles and by jove, our cockles were in desperate need of some heat when we arrived rather keenly at 10am.


By 11.15am, I’d naturally tucked into my sandwiches.

By midday the sun was high in the sky and Bobble was making friends with every little person, dog and kite flyer he encountered whilst we watched him from the sand dunes.

By 2pm, Bobble was skinny dipping in the sea with his new mates.

By 2.17pm we realised he would probably get hypothermia if we didn’t rescue him from himself

It was chuffing cold at times, I didn’t really need my sunglasses on, we weren’t wearing enough clothes (although I was VERY pleased with my new indigo culottes from M&S…who knew!) and my camera got sand in it, but hey, that’s English seaside life for you.

What a smashing day.


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