Petal power in an open plan office

We’ve all seen her, the woman on the tube awkwardly carting a blazingly beautiful bouquet of flowers that she surprisingly received at work that day. She looked really happy, right?

Having worked in a female dominated industry all my life, I can vouch for there being no better way to keep the bitches at bay than receiving a bouquet at work. I’ve sent them to girlfriends in open plan offices knowing full well the green-eyed monster effect it will have on her colleagues.

There is no sweeter feeling…unless of course she’s already left for the day because the delivery company got stuck in traffic. Agh!

Richa Bhalla is a woman who understands that bad traffic should not stand in the way of a bouquet and someone’s happiness. Her new company Petal & Cycle delivers bespoke hand-tied creations anywhere in Central London by bike within 90mins of ordering or at a time you can specify and delivery is included in the total cost. This for me is an environmentally friendly gamechanger.


Over the years, I’ve gifted countless bouquets to clients, film talent, agencies and staff knowing full well that the flowers will be covered in cellophane, put in the back of a van and delivered at a time that is convenient for the driver not your recipient. And then there’s always the wait for the relieving thank you email or phone call because you never know what time they were delivered.

Petal & Cycle are bringing back the spontaneity of fresh flower giving. The clean and simple site offers four different arrangements per month according to seasonality and come beautifully packaged with not a cellophane wrapper in sight.

About bloomin’ time.


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