Blogging in earnest. West Village Wanderer Version 2.0

Last December, I registered West Village Communications Ltd as a company and started freelancing and blogging to explore a new way of living.

The intention for West Village Wanderer was to offer a distraction in between my freelance jobs to keep my brain perky and keep me close to the constantly evolving digital universe.

I found a Blogger template that I liked, wrote an About Me paragraph, whacked on some plug-ins and social media links and started writing all in the same night, which probably explains the dark, haphazard look and the terrible navigation of my first attempt. Regardless, I loved it.

Six months on, the freelance gigs come and go but my blog has become a constant source of happiness, enrichment and a surprising path to meeting new and interesting people.

I’m not one for doing things half -heartedly so it was inevitable that it would turn out to be something more than a mere distraction. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I blog because I love to express my passions, my feelings, my desires. I publish because someone, somewhere might find it useful, amusing, comforting, inspiring – one hopes.

So, when a respected old colleague I haven’t seen in 10 years tells me that some of my posts have deeply resonated with her, I knew I had found my way. She gave me the confidence to ignore the self doubt and keep going with purpose and meaning.

So here it is. West Village Wanderer Version 2.0, which includes the new Village People series about risk takers and optimists making a living on their own terms.

West Village’s slick and shiny new platform was built by “Wordpress Wizard” Mike Lawton and the beautiful brand identity was designed by the hugely talented Pak Ying Loshi. Thank you both for your dedication and patience.

You can now subscribe by email (yes, finally!), make comments on my posts below and follow me on my new Facebook page, Twitter or via Instagram

Let me know what you think of the revamp…




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